Hearing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Loss


What are some common signs of hearing loss?

  • Difficulty hearing conversation in noise.

  • Family commenting that you don’t seem to hear or understand them.

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves.

  • Feeling that people are mumbling or speaking too fast


Who will test my hearing at Mid-Valley ENT Hearing and Balance Center?

  • Marc Stevens, M.S. Audiologist, and Vallery Kesterson, BA, BC-HIS, Hearing Instrument Specialist, teamwork together to provide all our hearing evaluations for our patients.

  • Marc and Vallery have over 60 years combined experience practicing within the hearing healthcare industry.

  • Following the hearing evaluation, all patients are seen by Dr. Robertson for a medical evaluation of their ears and discussion about the hearing test.


If I have a hearing loss, can I get by without hearing aids?

  • Hearing aids will be recommended only if your evaluation indicates that hearing aids are likely to improve your hearing and quality of life.

  • Untreated hearing loss can severely impact quality of life and often leads to social withdrawal, isolation and even depression.


Aren’t hearing aids unsightly and uncomfortable?

  • Today digital technology and miniaturization enables most patients to wear tiny hearing devices that are virtually impossible to see and comfortable to wear.


I understand that hearing aids are costly, and what if my hearing aids don’t work for me?

  • We offer a range of competitive pricing that fits most budgets. We also offer interest-free financing to those who qualify.

  • We have a 60 day trial period, offering the option to return the aids for credit or exchange for a style or technology to better meet your needs.


Why should I choose Mid-Valley ENT Hearing and Balance Center for my hearing care?

  • We believe that we offer a unique advantage over many hearing healthcare offices, in that patients have access to a total teamwork approach of three professionals- an ear, nose, and throat physician, an audiologist, and hearing instrument specialist, providing a comprehensive service to address all of your ear and hearing healthcare needs.