Practical Care and Maintenance

It is important to treat your hearing aids with care. Cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids daily ensures they will function properly for the life of the hearing aids. 

A maintenance program is usually included with the purchase of your hearing aids, for the life of your hearing aids. It does not end with the manufacturer warranty. We recommend that you see us for general maintenance at least twice annually. Sometimes we encourage visits to our office every 3 to 4 months depending on special circumstances, such as if you produce a significant amount of earwax, requiring more frequent cleaning. We will discuss how often we need to see you before the end of the trial period. 

Tools and advice for maintaining your aids will be provided during the hearing aid fitting, and at any time afterwards.


Steps You Can Take to Care for Your Aids

Protect Your Hearing Aids From Dirt And Moisture

Always make sure that your fingers are clean and dry before touching your hearing aids. The microphone input is very small and can become blocked through improper handling.

Remove your hearing aids before showering, bathing or swimming. Do not leave your hearing aids in the bathroom, due to high humidity. Many of our newer hearing aids are more moisture resistant, yet some parts continue to be susceptible to moisture damage. We recommend opening out the battery from the body of the hearing aid at night. It insures that the aid is turned off and allows for ventilation around the battery. For people who perspire heavily, it is recommended to use a special drying aid available from our office.

Keep Devices Away From Children And Pets   

Store your hearing aids in the cases provided and out of reach of children and pets. Hearing aids are especially attractive to dogs, big and small. They detect the scent of body oil and or can sometimes hear the feedback squeal if the aid is lying on a table with the battery still engaged. 

Avoid Contact With Hairspray or Make-up

The fine particles of hairspray or powder make-up may clog the microphone input and volume control switch. Remove your hearing aids before using body care products. Make sure the hairspray is dry on your hair before inserting the aids.

Correct Care Cleaning Tips

Wipe the hearing aids daily to remove debris and earwax. Use a soft, dry cloth and never use alcohol, solvents or cleaning agents. Special damp towelettes developed for hearing aids can be purchased from our office.

Remove earwax from the sound opening at least weekly, or sooner if needed, with the tools provided by your hearing care professional. 

Brush the microphone openings weekly to keep them open and clean

Remember to remove the batteries completely if hearing aids will not be worn for more than a day.