Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

If you are learning to wear hearing aids for the first time, it is important to understand that it takes time to adjust to the world of better hearing. The longer a person lives with hearing loss (without hearing aid use), the greater the adjustment can be before your hearing aids become a comfortable part of your waking hours. A person with a mild hearing loss may adjust quite quickly to hearing aids, while a person with a severe hearing loss will need to be more patient with the significant changes in hearing that they encounter.

Generally, you should allow up to 6 weeks and a number of visits to your hearing professional, before you are comfortably wearing your hearing aids in most environments.

How do they fit?

It is essential that hearing aids fit your ears properly, and they stay well seated in your ears throughout the day of chewing and talking. Hearing aids or earmolds should be comfortable with extended use. If there is a concern about the fit, your hearing professional can either modify or remake them. If you are wearing receiver-in-the ear hearing aids, different size receivers and domes can be switched out to match the shape and size of your ears. Please stay in touch with your specialist to ensure a solid, comfortable fit.

Adjusting the volume

Modern digital hearing aids generally automatically select the appropriate volume when they are switched on. Most of the time, no other adjustments are necessary. If you have a volume control option with a wheel, lever or remote control, try not to adjust the volume too loud. This rarely helps with understanding words. It is expected to not be able to hear someone speaking softly at a great distance. Even healthy ears cannot do that. 

Hearing Aids – A Part of Your Life

To hear optimally with your hearing aids, it is important to make them a part of you throughout the waking hours of the day. Some people feel the need to build up to full use more gradually, but the goal is to reach full time use over a couple weeks. Again, visits to your hearing professional are important for adjusting your hearing aids over time. Generally, the volume levels set in your hearing aids may be lower in the beginning, and gradually increased as you adjust to the amplification of your world. 

Hearing Aid Adjustments

Our newer digital hearing aids offer many adjustments by your specialist, including how the hearing aids will respond in background noise. Never hesitate to contact your hearing professional if you are struggling to hear in certain environments. A separate program could be added to your hearing aids, which you could select with the push of a button to help you hear more comfortably and clearly. Generally most hearing aids purchased include an extensive or lifetime service program to insure that your hearing aids are adjusted, maintained and continue to meet our needs.

Accessories for your Hearing Aids

Sometimes hearing aids are not enough to meet your needs in all listening environments. Hearing aids usually allow you to hear speech comfortably, but not everybody can appreciate hearing all the words clearly. Hearing in large groups or in crowds around background noise can be very challenging, even with the most sophisticated hearing aid technology. 

To further assist you in these difficult environments, most digital hearing aids today have additional accessories that allow you to understand the speech better, whether it’s from the TV at home or your spouse’s voice in a noisy car or restaurant.